Safety Page
"The M.A.A.C. safety code (MSD 06) and safety guidelines for field operations are the standards of operation of the
Kingston Radio Control Modellers Club."
(KRCM By-Laws Section 8 Paragraph 2)
KRCM Club field layout as referred to in  MAAC safety code document MSD 06.
Attention Drone Pilots

Below is a link to the Transport Canada website that
outlines how to safely and legally fly your drones in

Tranport Canada - Safe Drone Operation
Here Are Some Important Items From The MAAC Safety Code and MAAC Policies and Procedures
Figure 1
  Throttle Cut (From MAAC Safety Code Section (MSD 06))
Aircraft flown in this category must be equipped with a convenient means for the operator or helper to quickly and positively shut down the various types of
engine(s) used; on the ground, or in the air by radio control. For electric powered models, on modern R/C equipment, it is recommended the member
program a "Throttle Cut/Arm" function on their radio transmitter (refer to Original Equipment Manual (OEM) for details). This function provides a means to
help prevent accidental throttle stick movement and motor operation.
  Identification of Aircraft (From MAAC Policies and Procedures (MPPD 10))
A component of the pending amendments to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) proposed by Transport Canada is the requirement for all operators
of Unmanned Air Vehicle/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAV/UAS) to affix owner contact information on a tag, label or other means (See Fig 1 for example) to
the airframe of all such models which will enable their traceability back to the owner.