Club Information

Club Dues

Annual dues are required in order to be a member of KRCM and memberships are valid from Jan 1 to Dec 31.   

  • Open Membership        $100.00

  • Junior Membership          $0.00
    (18 years or under as of Jan 1 of the active year)

  • Students                            $15.00
    (19-25 years of age and attending post-secondary school)

Note: dues can be payed directly to Julian Elce at club meetings, at the field, mailed to his home address,  or you can E-Transfer (not PAYPAL) the funds to Julian’s email address:


In order to fly at the KRCM field, take advantage of the training program, etc. a pilot must also be a member of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada (MAAC).

  • Open Membership       $80.00

  • Junior Membership       $10.00 (without magazine)
                                               $21.00 (with magazine)

Constitution and By-Laws

Follow the links below to access the Club Constitution and By-Laws.

Proposed Changes To Consitution and By-Laws

Below are links to the two updated documents as put forward in  a motion at the November general meeting.

Feel free to comment.

2021 Club Executive

President –                                      Chris Shaw (613) 382-0426
Vice President –                             Dwayne Donnelly (613) 572-3733
Secretary –                                      Joe Boucher (613) 214-4132
Treasurer –                                      Julian Elce (613) 453-0861
Chief Flight Instructor –               Dwayne Donnelly (613) 572-3733
Contest Director(s) –                     Mike Siemonsen (613) 384-2377
                                                          Matt Rodmell (613) 532-4365
Field Manager –                             Bruce Pardo (613) 634-2338
Auditor –                                          Peter Hoefler (613) 548-1060