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August 19-20

September 16

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EDF Jet Rally - July 8 2023

by Wilf Hill
At the June meeting I proposed that since there appeared to be no interest in a 3D event, that the club might hold a KRCM EDF Jet Rally in it’s place on July 8, 2023. This would be a test to see if there would be enough interest to possibly make it a yearly event. Rene and Merrill stepped up to help organize it. Peter volunteered to run a reduced canteen with burgers and cold beverages.
As usual for our club, members came forward and cut the grass a couple of days before the event and had the generator up and running to allow participants to charge batteries on the day.
The event itself was a great success with 20 registered of which 14 were jet flyers with a total of 23 jet planes. A rough count showed over 50 flyers and spectators were in attendance. A verbal survey showed that the participants would like us to do this again in the future.
I would like to personally thank the following people; Rene Lebrun for taking the lead as safety coordinator, Merrill Baker for running the registration, and Peter Hoefler for graciously running the canteen. I would also like to thank Joan Hill, Nathalie Lebrun and Bruce Pardo for assisting Peter with the canteen, and Bill Hiemstra and his crew for the great job they did on the field.

Rhinebeck North 2020

In spite of windy weather, KRCM held its second annual Rhinebeck North funfly on the 11th and 12th of September.  As seen in the photo above, there was a good turnout of scale World War 1 aircraft.

Martin Irvine won the pilots choice award and Chris Shaw won the mission event.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who worked to make this event another success.

NEW!!! Follow this link to the Model Airplane News article about the event: