“The M.A.A.C. safety code (MSD 06) and safety guidelines for field operations are the standards of operation of the Kingston Radio Control Modellers Club.”   (KRCM By-Laws Section 8 Paragraph 2)

KRCM Club field layout as referred to in MAAC safety code document MSD 06.

Here Are Some Important Items From The MAAC Safety Code and MAAC Policies and Procedures

Throttle Cut (From MAAC Safety Code Section (MSD 06))

Aircraft flown in this category must be equipped with a convenient means for the operator or helper to quickly and positively shut down the various types of engine(s) used; on the ground, or in the air by radio control. For electric powered models, on modern R/C equipment, it is recommended the member program a “Throttle Cut/Arm” function on their radio transmitter (refer to Original Equipment Manual (OEM) for details). This function provides a means to help prevent accidental throttle stick movement and motor operation.

Attention Drone Pilots

Below is a link to the Transport Canada website that outlines how to safely and legally fly your drones in Canada.